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We strive to REMAIN in Jesus, so that we may RESEMBLE Jesus in everything we do.


Our Pastors

The vision for The Refinery emerged out of both the encouragement of the Holy Spirit and a dream. The mission is to create a church in Huntington, West Virginia that would be a home to all ages and represent the diversity of our Tri-State area.


Our lead pastors, Dylan and Sharia Mckneely have the heart to reach our area and beyond with the life-transforming message of Jesus. They both believe in the potential of the next generation and the potential of the now generation. Dylan and Sharia are fully invested in playing a role in the life of our City and beyond.

Culture Code


No matter your title, or stage of life. You deserve to be honored because Jesus thinks you are worth dying for (John 3:16). We honor through celebration, affirmation, and unearned respect.



Whom the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36). We don't use our freedom to live recklessly but to heap praise and adoration on The Father. We express our Freedom through Worshipping God with our voices and our lives. To freely sing, create, dance, dream, and become like Jesus is our desire.

Our goal is to live lives that are above reproach. We strongly value authenticity and transparency, and the Wisdom of the Spirit. We are anti gossip, believing in the power of building each other up (Ephesians 4:29). We believe leadership accountability is imperative to the growth of our Community (Proverbs 27:17).


We believe that you don't grow in rows but in circles. Sunday mornings are simply a celebration, of the lives we've lived together throughout the rest of the week. We are a community that laughs together, cries together, builds together, prays together, studies together, and so much more. We are a community inspired by the Biblical community spoken of in Acts  2:42-47. 

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